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I am from La Mancha, the land where I studied at the Ciudad Real School of Arts and Crafts. I took various courses in that city, of artistic, advertising, linear drawing and painting among others. Always fascinated by nature and art, I chose the medium of painting to translate my vision of people, animals and landscapes. Portraits continue to dominate my interest. Already as a child at thirteen years of age he had a special inclination to make portrait drawings.

Among my favorite portrait painters are: Velásquez, Goya, Van Dick, Palmero (Almodobar del Campo) and current: John Howard Sanden (New York), Revello de Toro. I currently reside in Puerto de la Cruz (Tenerife) Spain where I have a long history of 29 years making portraits for an extensive clientele, although well known for my portraits of children and families, my list of clients also includes famous personalities, politicians, doctors, teachers, professionals etc. Among them well-known clients are Lydia Bosch, Inés Sastre, Alfonso Arús, etc. (In many cases I maintain the confidentiality of anonymity).

For a few years I have participated as a member in the American Association of Portrait Artists participating and promoting the art of painting, I have also worked for various events, medicine conventions, etc. in hotels such as El Botánico in Puerto de la Cruz (Tenerife), taking prodigious and exciting portraits posing directly from nature. I work on portraiture as a full-time professional but trying to maintain a standard and level of excellence and authenticity in the work I do.


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